I can’t breathe, get your knee off my neck
Some other racist cops who have to get checked
George Floyd this time was the victim of the hate
And now I sit at 4:00 AM feeling beyond irate
Another brother helplessly pleading for his life
As we watched on video the pain cutting us like a knife
Its the same old story of police and their abuse of power
It could happen to any of us, anywhere, at any given hour
My stomach churns, my tear filled yes burn
It's a part of Black living, when will the tables turn?
I'm sick and tired of being sick and tired where is our relief?
From pain injustice and suffering and overwhelming grief
Its time to wake up, show our righteous indignation
Reclaim our greatness and liberate from this racist plantation

Black Lives SHOULD MATTER but the truth is they do not
Its clearly evident in America that racists blood runs hot
They hunt and kill unarmed brothers every single day
Until the pendulum swings and the hunter falls to the Prey
How many more lives will be taken before we take a stand
1st degree murder charges is what we the people DEMAND!
I'm haunted by George's cries I hear him say: "I can't breathe"
the Perpetrators of this heinous act will get NO REPRIEVE

Once again we are heart broken, once again we cry
seeing the horrific video of watching our brother die
For those of you wondering why, I'll tell you no lie
Racism is a sickness in which all Black men they vilify
Rest in peace George Floyd let your death be the Clarion Call
To bring us all together to fight until the forces of evil Fall

Dedicated George Floyd and all victims of police brutality and murder
©Donald E. Lacy, Jr. 2020